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My name is Beautii J. I've been a hairstylist for over 25 years and Entrepreneur for 20 years. I've owned 5 salons,  traveled the world to beautify clients and to teach stylist how to take their skills to the next level. You may know me as the star of WETV's Cutting it in the ATL. I have several businesses in Atlanta and online. I am the CEO of Beautii J & Co., Spoiled Opulence Salon,  Spoiled Diva Hair, Beautii University and Bfit Boutique.  Helping other stylist get to the next level gets me excited... But most importantly, I'm excited to share with you all that I know that has made me 6 figures in my career.  I decided to create Beyond Beauty School educational Classes to guide hair stylist and Entrepreneurs thats looking to earn more money and ready to earn top dollars in their industry. Allow me to be your mentor  & Coach and guiding you to a six figure business mindset.   -  Coach Beautii J.

I love sharing what I have learned with those who are eager to grow. If this sounds like you, we need to connect.

Zoom  Business Coach/Mentorship

Book your Business mentorship consultation today! I love working with people one on one, but I have very little time available. Therefore, I work with only those who are committed to making changes in their lives, starting a new business or leveling up.  Hire me as a personal coach and you will become an automatic member of the Beautii University business community and receive monthly tips and unlimited email coaching. 

If you are a dedicated, open-minded and committed Entrepreneur who is looking to:

  • Budget

  • Build a brand

  • Start a new business

  • Expand your business

  • Revamp your business

  • Coming up with a business name

  • Creating a professional email and domain name

  • Choosing a logo

  • Setting prices

  • Setting up social media accounts

  • Registering your business

  • Choosing wholesale or drop-shipping

  • Finding a vendor

  • Building your website

  • Creating an email list

  • Marketing strategies

In this Marketing/ Branding Coaching you will learn topics like:

  • SEO Basics

  • Email Marketing

  • Push Notifications

  • Facebook/Instagram Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing Overview

  • Getting started with Blogging

  • YouTube for your Business

  • Branding

  • Much more!

Creating a Website Coaching  - Expect to learn:

  • Working with E-Commerce

  • Shipping 

  • Managing your Theme

  • Order Process

  • Adding new products

  • SEO Settings

  • Setting up your menu

  • And more!

Starting a new product line - We’ll discuss:

  • What types of products you should sell

  • Products label design

  • How many products to start with

  • Design development

  • How should you set your product pricing

  • Profit margins

  • Marketing

Get started today, Don't hesitate.... Your ideas won't last forever. Allow me to help you to explore your options.

Have questions on building a new brand or want to start a new company but clueless on how, questions on marketing, building a solid clientele... If this is you....Then we need to talk.

Book a Powerful Coaching Session with me. This is a way for me to get to know you a bit, and get a sense of what you are up against.​

Just fill out form below to pick a time that works for you to talk on Zoom  or phone.


Precision Haircutting Courses

Business Timeline

9 Techniques --------------- 6 hrs

  • Basic Trim 

  • Layers

  • Bob Cut

  • Razor Cutting

  • Beautii Bob

  • Asymmetrical Bob

  • Extensions Cutting

  • Pixie cut 

You will learn:​

  • Understanding face shapes

  • Properly holding shears

  • different shear styles

  • Cuts for hair loss

  • Product knowledge & finishing

*Kit is not included in the fee above.

*Group sessions available for discount of 5 or more people.

*Chose multiple courses for discount. 

Hair Styling Courses

8 Hair styling  techniques--------- 4 hrs

  • Basic Flat ironing

  • C curling

  • wisp curls

  • Barrel Curling

  • Farah faucet curling

  • wanding

  • wave

  • short cut curling 

*Kit is not included in the fee above.

*Group sessions available for discount of 5 or more people.

*Chose multiple courses for discount. 

Extensions Classes

  • Basic Sewin 101--------------- 3 hrs----------------- $300

  • Making Clipins ---------------  3 hrs----------------- $375

  • Sewin with 4x4 closure-------3 hrs----------------- $350

  • Sewin with frontal  ----------- 3 hrs----------------- $375

  • Sewin with 360 Band -------- 3 hrs----------------- $400

  • Lace Wig Application--------3 hrs----------------- $500

  • Versatility Cap ---------------- 4 hrs----------------- $450

  • Wig Making (w/sewing machine) 6 hrs---------- $600

  • Seamless Tracks -------------- 3 hrs----------------- $375

  • Quickweave --------------------3 hrs----------------- $375

  • Fusion (U-Tip)------------------ 3 hrs----------------- $500

  • Micro Links   --------------------3 hrs----------------- $500

Kit is not included in the fee above.

  • Sewin Kit --------------------$200

  • Fusion Kit -------------------$200

(kit includes): 

  • - Sewin - Mannequin head, needle, thread & 2 bundles hair extensions  

  • -fusion or links - Mannequin head, fusion gun, 1 pack u- tip hair extensions

(Additional list will be emailed once deposit is paid.)

You will learn:

  • Consultation

  • Understanding face shapes

  • Braid foundations for different sizes

  • Track placement

  • Extensions Removal

  • Longevity & Durability

  • Coverage for hair loss

Group sessions available for discount of 5 or more people. inquire below 

Chose multiple courses for discount. 

Book your Session Today!

DEPOSIT TO HOLD YOUR Session DATE is mandatory!



Beautii University Certified BBS Student Reviews: 

  • -OMG I am so happy I was able to meet Beautii J. She is very humble and caring.

- Demetria Love, Brooklyn, NY


  • I signed up for Beautii's 1 on 1 class after purchasing 5 dvd's.. I am blown away at how much I learned. Can't wait to add theses new techniques to my salon services. 

 - Liz Washington - Philadelphia, PA


  • - Beautii's class on Versatility cap was amazing! I took everything she taught me back to the Bahamas now I am making at least $3,000.00 additianal a month creating wigs part time. I always loved the video because I can go back and watch it over and over. My clientele is growing and word is getting out about the Versatility cap units in Bahamjas. thank your Beautii J.

 -  Susana Jean-Pierre, Nassau, Bahamas


  • -I traveled all the way from Nigeria to take a private class with Beautii. I already had the basics down pack but wanted to learn some new techniques. Beautii taught me 4 differnet techniques in 2 days. I was so drained by the time I went back home but the fullness of everything beautii poured into me was so much worth it. I can't wait for my next class I'll be booking next year.

- Afia Ebele, Nigeria 

  • -I moved to Atlanta to give my son a better life and needed guidance in opening a new business. I was clueless..coming from a long relationship as a house wife with 2 degrees. I did not want to work a 9-5 job. Instead I wanted to start my own business selling hair. I first became a part of Beautii's Partnership program with Spoiled Diva hair. I sold spoiled diva hair to all my friends and family and new prospects. I made a lot of money working from home. One day..... I received a email from Beautii's assistant about a new Mentorship program on opening a new business. I jumped on it immediately. The thought of opening my own business was always in the back of my mind but I was too scared. I emailed Beautii personally and told her my issue and she called me. I was shocked because I thought someone was playing on my phone. Yes... it was Beautii.... I opened up to her and she gave me some advise and I asked if she would be my mentor. 7 months later. I am the sole owner of my own Hair boutique called (Hair 4 U) I've made so much money in 7 months, I can't even believe it. Thank you Beautii for all that you do! Can't wait for our next Coaching Session.  xoxo your Mentee

- Monica Silver, Connecticut

  • -Had my first Power session with Beautii 2 weeks ago and was in full tears during the entire call because she was speaking the truth. I am now in full effect on opening my new business and can't wait for our next session.  Thank you for being so real and equip with information Beautii. 

- Trina Richardson, Savannah, GA

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